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Puerto Vallarta Climate Chart
 Number  of Rain Days

Puerto Vallarta Weather-Climate

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico enjoys over 280-310 days of sunshine yearly and basically has two seasons. From Nov until May is the dry season, when rainfall is rare, the sky relatively cloudless and the nights mild. The daytime temperature averages 78-85 degrees Fahrenheit and can drop down to 55-60 °F at night during the "high season" winter months. The temperate sub-tropical climate, rather comparable to that in Hawaii, is one reason tourists in winter flock here from the U.S. and Canada. As you can see from the temperature-precipitation chart above, Puerto Vallarta weather from November/December through March/April is near perfect; so you might say November to April is ideal for tourism. Water temperatures year round are warm, ranging from 75 °F in January-March, to highs of 84-86 °F in July through September. Go here for current PV water temperature (marine forecasts - wind and wave conditions). Probably best to bring long pants and a light sweater for the cooler winter evenings. See what to wear below.


Puerto Vallarta - the monthly mean minimum and maximum temperatures over the year, in Fahrenheit

The Puerto Vallarta rainy wet season normally starts right on the money in early-June and increases in frequency and duration until there are often daily downpours July through September, usually with rainfall in the late afternoon or at night. The rains continue into October, really tapering off around the middle of the month. It is hot and muggy, and during this time of the year there's a 60% average chance that precipitation will happen at some point during any given day. 

The summer daytime temperature averages 88-93°F daily and 73-78°F or warmer at night. There is little underground drainage, so some Vallarta streets become streams during the tropical summer rains, which are quite intense at times. The electrical thunderstorms lighting up Banderas Bay are one of the pleasures at this time of year. Total rainfall in Puerto Vallarta amounts to a fairly substantial 45-60 inches a year

In spite of the rainy weather the town is increasingly popular during the quieter summer months because of cheaper airfares and the word is out about what a great gay-friendly vacation destination the city has become. To check the current Puerto Vallarta weather and forecast, click here for the Weather Channel, Wunderground or Yahoo.

Two of the better resources with charts and graphs on average high/low temperatures, daily sunshine hours, sea temperature, average rainfall and rain days, cloud cover, humidity and precipitation are here at Weather Spark, and also here at Holiday Weather. Water temps vary from a low of 75-76°F in Feb and Mar, to a high of approximately 86°F in August, and those also vary quite a bit around the Bay depending on which beach-area you visit.

In Puerto Vallarta, the wet summer season is rather hot, severe and generally overcast, while the drier winter season is warm, somewhat humid and mostly clear to partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperatures typically vary from 62°F to 98°F, and is rarely below 56°F or above 93°F. Pretty ideal, I would say.

I usually check this one for the 10 day extended forecast & conditions. Go here for some satellite images available at the Weather Channel (all of Mexico) and the Wunderground - Global Infrared Satellite.

Travel tips: Clothing - What to Wear: For the late autumn, winter, and early spring months (November to April, the basic 'high season' of international tourism here): Bring lighter clothing for the sunny warm days - most gay guys spend their holidays at the Vallarta gay beach, on one of the local cruises & tours, or out and around town shopping or sightseeing - so shorts, bathing suits, speedos, tank tops and t-shirts are the norm. During these months at night it's shorts or long pants, dress or casual shirt and perhaps even a light sweater for the cooler nights.

Most guys who go out later to visit with friends, cruise, drink and dance will then wear shorts or jeans and a light shirt; some dress quite lightly in shorts and tank top for dancing at their favorite gay nightclub. For the rainy season summer months and early autumn (May/June to October): The weather is sunny, hot and humid during the days and still warm in the evenings, so wear cool and casual light clothing at the beach and at night; an umbrella from June through September is a good idea as there's rainfall many evenings-nights. I'd also bring several pairs of shoes and sandals for any time. And remember the 8-30+ SPF sunscreen year round is a good and healthy idea.

Nicest times to vacation in Puerto Vallarta?
  • November through April has a pleasant average ambient temperature; the water temperature is cool.
  • The rainy season is considered mid-June to mid-October, but with global warming it is now more and more variable.
  • As seen in the chart at page top, Vallarta has its dry period from November through May.
  • The hottest months are June, July and August (average daily temp. around 27°C or 81°F, and the high at 91°F)
  • Ordinarily, the coolest months are January and February (average temperature at 22°C or 72°F)
  • July and August are the wettest months, with September a close third.
Puerto Vallarta Hurricane Season: Because of the topography of Banderas (Flags) Bay, which is shaped like a gigantic horseshoe opening to the Pacific Ocean in the west, our area is generally rather well protected from storms that pass up the coast during the hurricane season in the late summer and early autumn, generally June to late October each year. Tropical storms seem to either swing out into the Pacific Ocean or continue on up towards Baja California and the Sea of Cortez. Only once in the last 40-50 years or more did we suffer serious damages in certain parts of town (where damages were estimated in the neighborhood of $100 million), when Hurricane Kenna (see photos and further information), a Category Five storm passed by for a few hours on the morning of October 25, 2002, and then made landfall some 100-120 miles to the northwest roaring through the small village of San Blas, Nayarit where nearly every building in town suffered some sort of damage. The arrival of the Kenna so late in the year once again points out the variable and often unpredictable nature of the weather in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
puerto vallarta weather in february , skies los muertos beach
3 bedroom penthouse condo view to north
Puerto Vallarta weather in summer, los muertos beach


March and near clear skies            vallarta activities & adventures - picture thanks Ocean Quest Dive center puerto vallarta
near clear skies over Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in March; water activities scuba diving


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