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the Day of the Dead Holiday - Dia de los Muertos 
November 2

On November 1-2 the Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos - All Souls Day, 
the holiday for remembering family and friends who have died and on this day return for a visit. 
Altars are made on which photos, foods, flowers, sweets and other
belongings, mementos and offerings to the dead are placed. The public altar at City Hall
in Puerto Vallarta shown in the picture above commemorates the progressive Luis Donaldo Colosio,
who was assassinated at the age of 44 while running for President of Mexico in 1994.

commemoration for local puerto vallarta artist Manuel Lepe in 2001
Day of the Dead altar commemorating local Puerto Vallarta artist Manuel Lepe
(1936-1984) at City Hall on November 2, 2001. He was designated a 
"National Painter of Mexico" by President Luis Echeverria Alvarez in the 1970s.
Lepe painted in a naif style, mostly with themes based on the landscapes 
and townscapes of his native and beloved Puerto Vallarta.

As a bit of history, Day of the Dead traditions appear rooted in pre-Hispanic beliefs that the spirits of the dead
went neither to a heaven or hell, but wandered for years before entering Mictlan, the "Land of the Dead".
Exact traditions and celebrations vary throughout Mexico due to its sixty or so indigenous groups. In some areas
the relatives of the deceased burn incense over the altars, while in other communities people light
bonfires in their house doorways to guide the dead home.
Some Mexicans have all night vigils while others arrange an afternoon meal
at the gravesides of their departed loved ones, friends and relatives.
These gatherings are often festive and solemn by turn.
The Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico also combines the Spanish catholicism of All Saints and All Souls Days
with the symbols and mythology of the earlier pagan and more ancient indigenous traditions
(much like the annual Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration combines catholic and pagan influences).

day of dead altar to Mexico poet and intellectual octavio paz
Day of the Dead altar to renowned Mexican poet, writer and intellectual Octavio Paz
 (1914-1998) who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990.

puerto vallarta attractions day of the dead altar
Day of the Dead altar in Puerto Vallarta, October 31, 2010


at the Indigena gallery downtown fo Dia de los Muertos festivities


 Notice the Catrina (female skeletal figure representing death), the many skulls, often made out of sugar,
and of course the ubiquitous candles - as Dia de los Muertos traditions would have it, to help light the way back to
their ancestral homes on Earth, and for their return to the "Land of the Dead"

mexico day of the dead
Orange marigolds are popularly believed to attract the souls of the departed

mexican festivities around all souls day
La Catrina (middle) has become the referential image of Death in Mexico, where it is common to see her
embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country.
Here we see La katrina standing at the local beachfront restaurant Langostinos on Halloween night 2013

Commemorating Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor at a restaurant along
the Cuale River near their former residences in Gringo Gulch

haloween night in vallarta 2016
One of Vallarta's many main attractions - And the large skeleton representing death
in front of the Mandala nightclub downtown on the Malecon boardwalk
Halloween night, October 31, 2016


In memory of the children who died in the earthquake in Mexico City on September 19, 2017


day of dead altar to boxer Marco Antonio Nazareth
Day of the Dead altar to Puerto Vallarta resident and champion boxer Marco Antonio Nazareth, 23,
who died July 22, 2009 from brain injuries suffered in a boxing match several days earlier

puerto vallarta day of dead another beautiful memorial altar
 This is quite a full, fine example of an altar: with many candles, offerings of the deceased's favorite foods
and drinks, the Catrina and skeleton, Day of the Dead bread, personal artifacts and memorabilia,
handwritten cards with prayers, poems or words about the person being honored,
and orange as the dominant color to welcome home the spirit of the departed.

Cultural celebrations in the main downtown Zocalo with a young mariachi group
playing music to the public on the night of November 1, 2016

november 2015
Mexico Dia de Los Muertos commemorating a member of DIF

mexican celebrations and images on dia de los muertos
From the local Vallarta Institute of Culture - notice the skulls,
marigolds, the string of bones, and a rather unusual jaguar mask.

day of dead altar to Puerto Vallarta children who have died of cancer
 Altar to children and youngsters of low income who have died of cancer in town and were
assisted by the Vallarta charity Canica (Support Center for Children with Cancer) & the Women's Association of Vallarta.
While taking this photo and admiring the altar I met and talked to the mother of one of the
boys in the main photo area, "almost 7 years old", who had died 2 years ago.
This is the only Day of the Dead altar I've noted specifically for children - see how it is loaded with toys.

dia de los muertos shrine - things to see in PV, Mexico
This colorful one has just about every traditional item in the altar from
the skeleton/catrina to the orange marigold flowers and candles.

things to do in puerto vallarta mexico day of dead altar
A colorful Day of the Dead altar on the Cuale River island, with ancient traditional motifs and patterns.
This is one of my favorite commemorative altars because of the bright colors and large centerpiece.
The main town cemetery El Panteon in the 5 de diciembre colonia/neighborhood
is the site of many observances during this day and night, but compared to more traditional
parts of Mexico like Pátzcuaro in Michoacan or the state of Morelos, festivities in Vallarta are rather sedate.

Puerto Vallarta Day of the Dead celebration at the municipal flea market November 2011

Along the downtown Malecon on November 2, 2017 - two towering Katrina figures representing death

puerto vallarta holidays day of the dead tribute
Altar at downtown city hall in November 2012 to Carlos Fuentes Macias (Nov 11, 1928-May 15, 2012)
who was an internationally acclaimed Mexican short story writer, novelist, essayist and screenwriter.
He received numerous awards in his lifetime including the Mexican National Prize for Arts and Sciences,
the UNESCO Pablo Picasso medal, and the National Order of Merit of France


At the Cuates y Cuetes restaurant bar on Los Muertos beach November 1, 2012

Posing at the old downtown city hall 2016

 At the municipal flea market along the Cuale River

One of the downtown City Hall altars on November 1, 2013 and
dedicated to Clairita Yetter from France, who lived more than 35 years in the city
and was known for her "wonderful cooking and artistic style".

The sugar skulls are the allusion to death which is always present
Las calaveras de azucar son la alusion a la muerte siempre presente
This one was made in memory of doctor David Lawrence Rhodes
Photo from November 2, 2015


University Center Octavio Paz - November 2017

"If my voice silences with death, my heart will continue talking to you."

Katrina figure and the skull made of sugar

more Day of the Dead photos & information

"Tears make the road back to heaven slippery."  - Saying

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."  - revolutionary Emiliano Zapata

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