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gay beach    Ed and Bruce in puerto vallarta    
Three pictures of the guys from Chicago in Puerto Vallarta thanks to John Hook

Nicolas, Antonio, Sixto and Kevin in Lo de Marcos in Nayarit        
  Lo de Marcos, Nayarit; gay nightlife party time at club Manana; local cruise and tour vendor

christine night club - some very attractive guys    the Xiutla Folkloric Ballet at los Arcos amphitheater downtown puerto vallarta    a lucky find on Boana gay cruise
Puerto Vallarta nightlife at Christine club; Xiutla folkloric dance; gay cruise in Puerto Vallarta

playa Los Muertos beach just south of the pier    los muertos beach hotel tropicana and the blue seas resort    some of puerto vallarta malecon downtown
Pictures above of Los Muertos beach and downtown Puerto Vallarta, thanks to Benoit

Noche verde - Green night by Lena Bartula at Galeria sol y luna    sculptor Rocio Sanchez and her work - Dante art gallery    Bluecloud - painting by vallarta artist Marta Gilbert
Art works by Lena Bartula, Rocio Sanchez, and Marta Gilbert

Benoit and Marianne at Apaches gay bar    hank and conrad on one of diana's tour cruises    chuey, friends and flowers at apaches bar
Benoit and Marianne at Apaches gay bar; Hank & Conrad and friend; street vendor with her flowers

gay holidays at the puerto vallarta gay carnival Feb '09    Images of revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata are quite common in mexico        
  Gay guys on holiday having fun at carnival; revolutionary E. Zapata; street food menu; beach volleyball

    Vallarta sunset - photo thanks to Bill and David    La Bahia - photo by William Clark    main downtown puerto vallarta plaza during some festivities

Puerto Vallarta symbol the seahorse statue - there's one on the malecon downtown, another on Los Muertos beach    Statue of beloved President Lazaro Cardenas del Rio. Famous for his radicalism and his honesty, Cardenas nationalized Mexico's oil resources in 1938    sayulita beach in nayarit mexico    gay friendly restaurant le bistro in puerto vallarta
Downtown seahorse statue; President Lazaro Carenas; Sayulita Nayarit dude; the Le Bistro restaurant

cathedral of our lady of guadalupe downtown and banderas bay    puerto vallarta mexico at night from conchas chinas - picture thanks to tom and angela    playa Los Muertos pier puerto vallarta beaches - pic thanks to benoit
Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe; downtown Puerto Vallarta at night; the old pier Los Muertos beach

sunset picture thanks to benoit    viejo vallarta    huichol art from artesanias Watakame    old town puerto vallarta

marigalante ship from my apartment balcony
Marigalante pirate ship at sunset from my balcony

puerto vallarta graffiti art skateboard area    puerto vallarta things to see skateboarding sports stadium    
Puerto Vallarta municipal sports stadium: skate board area graffiti; basketball game


the Day of the Dead, November 1-2

gay puerto vallarta day of the dead holiday
On November 1-2, the Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead (more pictures at link) to remember those who
have died and on this day return to visit. Altars are built on which candles, sweets, flowers (usually marigolds) and
other presents and offerings to the dead person are placed. The public altar at the Puerto Vallarta City Hall
shown in the photo above is dedicated to Donald Colosio, who was
assassinated while running for President of Mexico in 1994.

altar for the local puerto vallarta artist Manuel Lepe
Day of the Dead altar for the local Puerto Vallarta artist Manuel Lepe at City Hall
on the November 2, 2001 holiday. He was declared a "National Painter of Mexico"
by President Luis Echeverria in the 1970s.

The Day of the Dead tradition appears rooted in pre-Hispanic beliefs that the spirits of the dead
went neither to a heaven or hell, but wandered for years before entering Mictlan, the "Land of the Dead".
More photos and information on the Puerto Vallarta Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos.

 This is another good altar with candles, offerings of favorite foods,
Day of the Dead skulls and orange marigold flowers as a dominant color to welcome home the spirit of the departed




Celebrating on Los Muertos beach at the Sapphire Ocean Club with Gabriela Escandon, Colleen Mitchell, Catalina Gutierrez
 Debbi Egan, David de los Rios, Luz Maria Guerrero Ochoa, Gabriela Jaggi, Randy Lee, Gabriel Romero Stefan Lokos,
Dan D'Leon and Jon Headley in August 2018. Photo thanks to Sapphire and Jon Headley.


Friends out for a few drinks at Anonimo video gay bar


Combining traditional Aztec and Christian motifs, 'warriors' dance on Juarez street
commemorating the miraculous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe
to the Indian peasant Juan Diego on December 12, 1531.
The annual Guadalupe festivities (see more pics) goes from December 1-12
every year in Vallarta




Some nightlife spots in town, gay and straight, photos below


at La Vaquita night spot along the downtown Malecon


A lot of smiles here - Mexican gay boys out for drinks at CC Slaughters nightclub in the Romantic Zone


Happy dudes at straight hot spot the popular Strana discotheque -
An upscale and posh dance club near Plaza Caracol that's been hopping since November 2011


Friends celebrating at Bar Morelos downtown mezcaleria - Photo thanks to Issac O.


Gilberto Zepeda with David Yair Lopez Lopez at Paco's Ranch dance and night club on the South Side, February 2019


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