Puerto Vallarta Gay Beach and Los Muertos
Beach - More Photos II

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Gay Puerto Vallarta Beach


The Blue and Green Chairs - One of the most gay-friendly beach resorts in the world

christmas day years ago at the gay beach playa de los muertos puerto vallarta
the palapas are full of stuffed animals and gifts,
a Christmas tradition at the gay beach several years ago

  the palapas at the Green Chairs during a typical autumn day in November-December

playa de los muertos beach looking north
Playa los Muertos looking north


gay men at the beach - playa Los Muertos
romantic gay holidays in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico south of the border 2010


the next six pictures thanks to Benoit

the Green Chairs early morning

Playa de Los Muertos beach in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  From left to right: the San Marino hotel, La Palapa and El Dorado beachfront condos, and the Hotel Tropicana

playa de los muertos beach hotel tropicana - the gay puerto vallarta guide
Los Muertos beach

The most popular gay vacation destination south of the border, Puerto Vallarta Mexico
- Los Muertos beach seen from Banderas Bay on the Boana gay tour boat
the pier on the left and the Blue and Green chairs of the gay beach on the right end of the photo

image thanks to benoit gagnon



the Blue Chairs

Mexican Independence Day - September 15-16, 2002

original blue chairs area some dozen years ago
the original Blue Chairs, approximately 17-18 years ago

green chairs ritmos beach cafe playa de los muertos gay travel guide
the green chairs/the Beach Cafe - January 03

photo thanks to Gay Travel Experts

Playa Los Muertos beach and the crowds during Semana Santa or Holy Week 2002
picture taken from near the pier and looking south, with Conchas Chinas in the distance


to gay beach pictures - 1
to gay beach pictures - 3

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pic thanks to Chad 2006

vallarta symbol the seahorse - los muertos beach

The size of gay beach area has recently expanded due to the newly-opened Blue Seas resort and its beachfront restaurant Lido in this part of Los Muertos beach, practically adjacent to the traditional Blue and Green chairs. The Blue Seas offers beachfront chaise lounges and recliners with sun shades and open-air dining area. 

David Kirby in a recent New York Times article on gay Puerto Vallarta noted that the crowd at the beach was friendly, "mostly over 30, and mostly from the Midwest or West Coast. For a gay beach scene, it was pretty low key. Many there said they go back to Puerto Vallarta every year, not only for the gay scene but also the relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous natural surroundings."

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