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Playa Bonita Condominiums Policies
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Welcome to Playa Bonita Condominio, the Playa Bonita Condominiums in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we hope you enjoy your stay. Please remember Playa Bonita is not a hotel it is a private condo and therefore procedures, services and amenities are somewhat different. The difference is why the owners and their guests enjoy this condo building and its location. Hopefully, you will understand and come to appreciate Playa Bonita for its uniqueness and convenience. Playa Bonita feels we are welcoming you into our home. At Playa Bonita, we provide 24/7 security and require Playa Bonita identification to enter the building because security and serenity for owners and their guests are important. Remember, registered guests staying at the Playa Bonita re not allowed to have their visitors use the beach palapas and chairs, the lobby restrooms, the swimming pool and poolside cabana.

Check In and Check Out
Check in time is usuauly 3:00 PM. Check out time is usually 11:00AM or 12:00 Noon. If your condo is not ready when you arrive or if you have a late departure, you may leave your bags in the lobby. Just ask at the front desk. While you wait we suggest you might take a walk, shop or have lunch or breakfast until your condo is ready or it is time to leave for the airport. The lobby restrooms are available for your use.

Upon arrival, each person staying in the unit must register at the Administration Desk to officially become a guest of Playa Bonita. Only those people on the registration name list provided to Playa Bonita will be allowed to register. Each person registered will be provided with a security arm band/ankle band or a photo Playa Bonita Identification card. If you choose the band, it will be attached at the time of check in and worn until you check out. It must be worn when using the common areas and when entering and exiting the building. If you choose the photo identification card, completed at the time of check in, the photo ID must be in your possession at all times to show when using the common areas and when entering and exiting the building. Common areas include hallways, lobby, swimming pool and cabana, beach palapas and lobby rest rooms. The replacement cost of a wrist band or a photo identification card is fifty (50) pesos. At the end of your stay please return your photo identification cards and bands to the front desk. For security reasons, we ask that you leave the condo keys at the front desk each time you leave the building and pick them up each time you return.

Problems With Your Condo
Each individual condo is the condo owner's responsibility. If you have problems with plumbing, backed up toilets, appliances, supplies, etc contact your accommodations' arranger, its property manager or owners. The building administration and front desk staff cannot help you with problems in the condo.

Visitor Access
Guests may not have visitors in the common areas, only in the condo. If you bring visitors to the condo, they must sign in and out at the Administration Desk. If the visitor is not with you, they must be announced by phone and then sign in and out at the Administration Desk. It is always a good idea to go to the lobby and meet your visitors so they know where to go and even a better idea to escort your visitors to the lobby door when they depart.

Pool Cabana and Swimming Pool
Pool and cabana hours are from 10am to 10pm. The use of the pool cabana and swimming pool is strictly restricted to owners and registered guests. Please show proper registration identification each time you use this area. Registered guests may not have visitors in the pool cabana and swimming pool. Remember: public nudity (or sexual activity in public) is against the law in Mexico. Chairs and lounges may not be reserved prior to 11am. Chairs and loungers are reserved by lacing towels on needed chairs. When such chairs are reserved, a guest must be present during those periods. You may not leave your towels and disappear. The staff is instructed to remove any towels and personal items that are left attended.

1. Personal music and public displays of affection should not disrupt others.
2. No glass bottles or glass drinking glassed  - only plastic.
3. Unsupervised children are not allowed. Infants must wear plastic protectors.
4. There is no lifeguard. Swim at your own risk.
5. Use a towel while sitting or lying on chairs.
6. When leaving, please dry off thoroughly before entering the lobby and elevator.
7. Proper bathing attire is expected. Public nudity is against the law in Mexico.

Beach and Palapas
The use of beach chairs, tables and palapas is strictly restricted to owners and registered guests. Please make yourself known to the beach attendant by introducing yourself and showing proper registration identification each time you use the beach palapas. Registered guests may not have visitors use the beach palapas and chairs. The beach attendant's responsibility does not include theft patrol Therefore use your good judgment and protect your valuables.  The best advice: leave your valuables and passport in the condo. Remember: Public nudity is against the law in Mexico. Beach chairs and palapas may not be reserved prior to 11am. Chairs are reserved by placing towels on needed chairs. When such chairs are reserved a guest must be present during those periods. You may not just leave your towels and disappear. The staff is instructed to remove any towels and personal items that are left unattended.

Beach chairs and tables from beach restaurants are not allowed on the Playa Bonita beach. Help keep our beach clean by disposing of your trash and cigarette butts in the container provided near the beach stairway. Use a towel while using the chairs. When returning from the beach or returning to use the lobby restrooms, shower off sand in the shower outside the main lobby entrance. Ask the Reception Desk to turn on the outside water if necessary. Please dry off thoroughly before entering the lobby area and elevator. The chairs and tables are removed daily at 5pm. Should you wish to stay longer on the beach, inform the beach attendant and then it is your responsibility to return the chairs and tables to the building.

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Maid Service
Maid services are provided two (2) times a week. Check with the front desk as to exact time and day for your vacation rental unit. It is preferred that you are not in the condo during maid services. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours which includes bathroom cleaning, trash emptied, furniture dusted, table tops cleaned, floors swept and mopped, and the kitchen area cleaned including stove tops. Maids are not responsible to wash dirty dishes or clean up cooking remains. The laundry room is for the convenience of guests and the maid staff is not required to perform laundry services. The staff can make up beds on the days they are scheduled. They may put new bed linens on the beds if clean bedding is put out. The staff is not responsible for washing or drying bed linens and towels. Anything additional can usually be accommodated if you ask and leave an additional tip. Recommended tipping for Maid Staff is 50-60 pesos each time the maid cleans. Perhaps an additional tip if there are numerous guests. Leave the appropriate amount on the dining take or kitchen counter each time she cleans and again the day of departure.

There are two phone systems. The House Phone which connects you to the front desk - enter zero and to call other units in the building - enter the condo unit number. And the Land Line which is for local calls. Not all units have a land line.

Drinking Water for Playa Bonita
The Puerto Vallarta water purification system has been certified safe by International standards since 1992. Condominiums Playa Bonita has its water tested twice each year and each time it has been rated potable. check the Lobby bulletin board for the most recent test. However, the filtration system does not eliminate bacteria. The bacteria level does change due to rain and environmental drainage in Puerto Vallarta. When in doubt purchase bottled water. For large bottled water, check with the front desk. The little store just down the street to the south carries groceries and so does the Amapas Mercado on Amapas street about two blocks from the condo building and located across from the Hotel Tropicana.

Contact the front desk.

Tipping for reception and maid staff is an expected custom throughout Puerto Vallarta and Mexico and our staff depend upon this additional income. Recommended tipping for reception staff should be dependent upon any special services they have provided during your visit to Puerto Vallarta - tours services arranged, taxi, telephone calls made on your behalf, reservations, baggage, directions, grocery delivery, etc. Tips should be given directly to the person who assisted you. If they are not here when you leave, it is customary to place the tip in an envelope with their name and leave it at the front desk.

Neighborhood Noise
Remember that Playa Bonita is located on the beach and in an urban area, so street noise from construction, deliveries, traffic, sirens, alarms, surf, dogs and music from restaurants and beach performers is inevitable. However, if you are disturbed by unusually loud music or noises from adjacent businesses and condo buildings, or from another Playa Bonita condo, please notify the front desk so an official complaints can be made.

1.  No animals are permitted in the building including the lobby
2.  Loud talking on the balcony is not allowed at anytime. There should be no talking whatsoever after 10pm at night and before 9am in the morning. Even the most private of conversations can often be heard in adjacent units. If you look to the left or right and up or down from the balcony, you will notice that you are only two feet away from a bedroom window. Some people retire early and other sleep late. Please be extra considerate of all our owners and guests here at the Playa Bonita.
3.  Removal or borrowing of any common area property (pool chairs etc) is not allowed.
4.  Deposit trash and garbage outside in the building garbage cans adjacent to the main lobby entrance.
5.  No towels or clothes are permitted on the balconies or hallways.
6.  Think carefully when using the balconies and the rooftop pools and sun decks as well as the closing of curtains and doors. Public nudity is illegal in Mexico even in your own home if seen by others. Don't spend your vacation in jail.
7.  Close the door to your condo - quietly. Keep talking to a minimum when using hallways and entering your condo.
8.  Parties after 10 pm are not allowed. The Building Administration must be notified of all parties consisting of more than ten (10) people. Maximum number of people for a party is 15 which includes registered guests and visitors.
9.  Music must be at a low volume heard only within your condo.
10.  Smoking is only allowed in one common area and that is the pool area. Please use the plastic ash trays. No smoking in the lobby, elevator, stairways and rear hallways on each floor. Each condo has its own smoking policies, and please know and follow them.
11.  As per our Condominium By-law, failure to comply with the Administration of the building and its policies will result in your eviction from the condo.
12.  Remember the staff does not make policies. They are only doing their job when they remind you of the policies. Please be kind. Yelling and insulting the staff doesn't solve anything.
13.  Enjoy your stay at the Playa Bonita. And thank you for following our policies. Your comments and concerns are always appreciated. You may leave them at the front desk.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay at the Playa Bonita condominium!

as of February 2019/March 2020


Additional Notice

Owner/Agent Responsibility - The owner is responsible for the following:
  a.) That the property is well maintained and that any repairs needed be done in a timely fashion.
  b.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner, their agents or employees shall be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property of persons occupying said property.
  c.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner shall under any circumstances be held responsible for any disturbance or inconvenience to Guest and invitees while occupying the Property, or for the actions of its neighbors or the surrounding area.
  d.) All information provided by Discovery Vallarta/Michael J Mayo, while deemed true and reliable, is not guaranteed. Changes in inventory, items and decor may occur from time to time and such changes will not void the terms of this general rental agreement.
  e.) Right to Enter - Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo, the property owner or his representative, and the Playa Bonita management shall have the right to enter the Premises at any reasonable time during the term of this Agreement to inspect the Premises and to undertake and perform such duties and responsibilities that they shall have as lesser of the Premises under this Agreement.

Thank you again for your kindness and cooperation, and we all hope that you enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta and at the Playa Bonita condos!

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