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La Palapa Condominiums Policies, Rules and some General Info
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Welcome to La Palapa Condominio, the La Palapa Condominiums in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we hope you enjoy your stay. Please remember La Palapa is not a hotel it is a private condo and therefore procedures, services and amenities are somewhat different. The difference is why the owners and their guests enjoy this condo building and its location. Hopefully, you will understand and come to appreciate La Palapa for its beauty, uniqueness and convenience. La Palapa feels we are welcoming you into our home.


Check-In and Check-Out: Check-in time is usually at 3:00 PM. Check-out is usually 11:00 AM or 12 Noon.. Please leave all condo keys at the front desk.

Keys: Once you check in, you will get a couple of sets of keys for the unit. Anytime you leave the building, we highly suggest that you leave the keys to the unit with the front desk person. They will give you the keys back upon your return to the building. Why take the keys with you around town and have to worry about keeping up with them? They will be safe and secure at the front desk (plus if you have multiple folks in your party – they can always get in if you all don’t arrive back together).

Security: There is someone on the front desk 24-hours per day every day of the year. Please contact them directly at any time for an emergency or if you have any questions or complaints about your stay at the La Palapa. They can also sometimes make suggestions about dining out or what cruise or tour to take. The current Administrator of the La Palapa condominiums is Mr. Christian Cortes.

Emergencies: Contact the front desk as soon as possible. Contact the front desk by dialing '0'.

Wireless Network: Most condo units now have a wireless network – it is always on. Network name and key code are usually on the back of the wifi unit (case sensitive for Key Code).

Maid Service: There is maid service every day except Sunday and Mexican national holidays. The maids will make the beds, take out the garbage, clean the bathrooms, give you fresh towels, and do general cleaning. They are not required to wash dishes, so please wash your own. It is customary to tip the maid directly before/when you leave – around $4-6 per day is now considered standard.

Water: Most units provide bottled water in the kitchen. If the plastic 20-liter bottle in the kitchen runs out, please call the front desk and order a new one. Dial “0” on the house phone to get to the front desk.

Plastic Dishes and Cups: If you are going to the pool which is located on the roof, please use plastic dishes and cups. See other Pool Rules below

Garbage: There is usually a garbage can in the kitchen. Extra trash bags are often in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. The daily housekeeping service will empty your trash once per day.

Air Conditioner: There are air conditioners in each bedroom and sometimes, but not always, one air conditioner in the living room. In order to keep the condo cool most efficiently, please close the balcony sliding door and the front door when the air conditioner is in use. Please turn off the air conditioners upon vacating the property.

Smoking: Please note that all condominiums in the La Palapa are now non-smoking, and that includes the balcony area, as well as the rooftop pool and terrace areas.

Laundry: You can take your laundry to a fluff and fold service, which is pretty inexpensive. The most popular one in this area that people use is the PVRPV Laundry Services, located at 141 Pulpito. Just go out the front door of the building, go right and then left at the first street which is Pulpito street, where Blondies bar is located on the corner. The laundry service place is about 2/3 way up the block on the left. If you take it in the morning, you'll usually get it back by the late afternoon or the next morning.

Neighborhood Noise: Remember that the La Palapa is located on the beach and in an urban area, so street noise from construction, deliveries, traffic, surf, dogs and music from restaurants and beach performers is inevitable. However, if you are disturbed by unusually loud music or noises from adjacent businesses and condo buildings, or from another La Palapa condo, please notify the front desk so an official complaints can be made.

Note: It's possible that there might be some noise due to renovations in some units in the La Palapa building during the summer months from approximately May 1-October 31.


So that you and other visitors to the La Palapa enjoy visiting us, please observe the following rules:

- Please be considerate of others. Do not slam doors/gates, play loud music or television, or make excessive noise.

- Please help to conserve Mexico's natural resources by turning off lights, overhead fans and the air conditioners before leaving the condo for any period of time.
- The front desk may ask any friend/s or guest/s coming back with you after 11pm to leave an ID at reception. 

- Please note that all condominiums in the La Palapa are now non-smoking, and that includes the balcony area, as well as the rooftop pool and terrace areas.

- I strongly encourage tipping the maid. The standard tip would be $4-6 per day per guest. Please tip directly to the maid, and also too to the front desk reception if they have been helpful to you.

- Please observe the pool rules posted at the top of the stairs.

- Do not place trash or garbage bags in the hallways.

- If giving property or other items to employees, please complete a property release form from the front desk.

- Please leave condo keys at the front desk unless otherwise advised.
- For your own safety and the security of others and the property, use discretion when inviting someone back to your condo. Be alert to keeping track of your valuables both at the beach and in your condo when inviting in others. 

- Do not hang towels, laundry, bathing suits, etc on the balcony railings, in windows, in view from other condo balconies or in view from the street.

- Daily after 5:00 PM., as well as all day on Sunday and Mexican national holidays, there is no maid service and supplies are not available.

- If maintenance (such as water leaks, inoperative air conditioner, light bulbs) is needed, contact the front desk by dialing '0'.

- For additional bottled water, contact the front desk by dialing '0'.

- Tenants shall not sublet the property, shall behave in a civilized manner, and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners and/or visitors. The tenants shall not create excessive noise or disturbances likely to disturb or annoy the neighboring occupants. Creating such a disturbance could be grounds for termination of this rental agreement, and tenants could then be asked to immediately vacate the premises. Outdoor/outside noise should be kept to a minimum.

- Telephone charges must be paid in cash at the end of each week or upon departure.

Call Type Dialing Instructions Charge
- To call the front desk Dial '0'  NO CHARGE
- To call room to room Dial '1' followed by the room number NO CHARGE
- To make a local call Dial '9' followed by the 7 digit number 3 PESOS PER CALL
- To make a long distance call* by operator, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Canadian
- Contact the front desk by dialing '0' 10 PESOS PER CALL
- *Long distance calls , including collect and credit card calls may be made only through the front desk.


Hours - 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily

There is no life guard on duty.
The pool is for the use to homeowners and their guests ONLY.
No running.
Please be considerate of others. Do not move chairs excessively, play loud music or make excessive noise.
Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Bathing suits are required, including children.
If leaving the roof area, do not leave towels, bags, etc. on lounge chairs.
Do not put chair cushions in the pool.
Glass bottles and containers are not allowed.
Place trash in the receptacles provided.
The roof area may be available for private parties, but must first be approved by management.

It is thus the tenant’s responsibility to learn about safety precautions, warning signs of water conditions, and safety procedures concerning swimming in or being around the pool. Tenant agrees to have a responsible adult supervising minors while they swim in the pool. Tenant is hereby notified that the pool can be dangerous and tenant accepts fully the risks involved. There are no rails to prevent a fall into the pool and there is no lifeguard.


Additional Notice

Owner/Agent Responsibility - The owner is responsible for the following:
  a.) That the property is well maintained and that any repairs needed be done in a timely fashion.
  b.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner, their agents or employees shall be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property of persons occupying said property.
  c.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner shall under any circumstances be held responsible for any disturbance or inconvenience to Guest and invitees while occupying the Property, or for the actions of its neighbors or the surrounding area.
  d.) All information provided by Discovery Vallarta/Michael J Mayo, while deemed true and reliable, is not guaranteed. Changes in inventory, items and decor may occur from time to time and such changes will not void the terms of this general rental agreement.
  e.) Right to Enter - Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo, the property owner or his representative, and the La Palapa management shall have the right to enter the Premises at any reasonable time during the term of this Agreement to inspect the Premises and to undertake and perform such duties and responsibilities that they shall have as lesser of the Premises under this Agreement.

Thank you again for your kindness and cooperation, and we all hope that you enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta and at the La Palapa condominiums!

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