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Condomino Residencias Molino de Agua
Rules and Regulations
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Dear Visitors,

So that you and other visitors and guests to the Molino de Agua can enjoy visiting us, please read, review and observe the following:

Welcome to our beautiful Residencias Molino de Agua. We wish you a wonderful stay and we sincerely hope that you get to enjoy our beautiful complex, the facilities here, and they may you leave with wonderful memories of Puerto Vallarta. Please remember that Molino de Agua is a residential complex and not a hotel. The majority of your neighbors are homeowners and we request you respect their privacy and tranquility.

In accordance with our established procedures, we want to make you aware of the By-Laws and Rules those occupants of the condominium will have to comply with during your stay. Failure to do so may result in immediate eviction, financial assessments or if necessary legal action may be taken, in accordance with the laws of Mexico and the State of Jalisco. The necessary action would be taken at the sole discretion of the Administration Staff or Security of Residencias Molino de Agua without any recourse against the owner of the condominium or the Administration of the complex.

Safety & Security

1. Non-owner occupants must be identified and authorized by the Owner or his personal representative prior to arrival. All persons (maximum of 8) must register with Security, the responsible party providing proof of age (minimum 25 years), address, phone number and signing that he has read and accepts the obligation for all to respect and obey the Rules and Regulation of Molino de Agua.
2. Molino Security staff is forbidden from leaving their posts to escort non-owner occupants to their unit and are not responsible for providing guest services.
3. All occupants must have their own electronic security card to open tower security doors after 7 PM. Non-Owner occupants who lose their unit or tower security door key must obtain a replacement from the owner and/or his representative. The administration office and Security are not allowed to distribute keys at any time.
4. For security reasons entry by all persons onto the premises between 12 AM and 6 AM must be through the front gate. Guests of non-owner occupants entering between 12 AM and 6 AM must register and leave identification with Security which will be returned upon exiting the property.
5. Non-owner occupants are not allowed to have pets.
6. Parking for non-owner occupants on the premises must be in the designated space of the unit they are occupying if unoccupied.
7. Setting glasses and all other items, which might fall off terrace railing or throwing smoking material and other items from the terrace is hazardous to the occupants below and strictly prohibited.
8. Under no circumstances can occupants take away the uniform aesthetics of the building by leaning cushions against or hanging anything on terrace railings, including towels, clothing, lights, banner/flags or any other item.
9. In accordance with the Bylaws, noise from within a unit, including voices and music, must be kept to a minimum at all times and especially after 11 PM.

Pool Rules

1. Use of the pool is at ones own risk, no lifeguard or attendant is on duty. An adult must accompany children age 12 and younger at all times.
2. Moral behavior and respect for others at Molino De Agua is expected at all times.
3. Proper swim attire is required, nudity is never allowed. Babies must be in swim diapers and are not allowed to be nude in the pool.
4. Non-owner occupants must have authorization from the Administration and be present at the pool when having guests.
5. Lounges, chairs and umbrellas cannot be reserved; they are for use on a first come first served basis.
6. Glass and breakable objects are not allowed in the pool or on the surrounding terrace.
7. Eating is not permitted in the pool except seated at the palapa bar area.
8. Smoking is not permitted in the pool or on the surrounding terrace.
9. Pets are not allowed in the pool or on the surrounding terrace.
10. Behavior and excessive noise around the pool and all common areas that lessen the enjoyment of others in the area or disturbs the occupants of units nearby is not permitted. Earphones must be used with electronic music devices. In particular, use of the pool between the hours of 11 PM and 9 AM must be done quietly.
11. Running, diving, horseplay and use of water guns, Frisbees and hard balls is not permitted.
12. Inflatable rafts and toys must not interfere with the use of the pool by others.
13. Chairs are not permitted to be moved into the pool.
14. Washing sand from your feet before entering the pool is required; shoes cannot be worn in the pool including the shallow areas except for clean water sports shoes.
15. Personal items and garbage must be removed when leaving the pool area.
16. Exclusive use of the pool, surrounding terrace and/or garden for private parties is prohibited without prior approval of the Administration.

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Condomino Residencias Molino de Agua

(Each group will receive a Registration Form as per below, and the main contact person or responsible party will need to fill out, sign and make a photo copy/hard copy of this Registration, along with an official picture ID, and bring those with them when the group arrives.)

In order to verify the identity of the responsible party for this group a government issued picture identification must be shown. The Administration will also need to be provided a photocopy of this document for the registration file.

I, the responsible party for the following group of guests, by signing this document, agree that we have read and understood the Rules and Regulations of Molino de Agua provided to me. On behalf of my companions and myself, I accept the obligation to respect and obey them and the consequences of non-compliance.


___________________________________           ______________________________
Printed name, Responsible party                        Signature
(Minimum age of twenty five 25)

____________________________________         _______________________________
Telephone number                                          Date of birth

Street address                           City                          State                  Zip

_______________          ____________________         ___________________
Unit number                  Date of arrival                      Date of check out

Names must match those authorized prior to your arrival.

Full name of other guests:

1._________________________________      2._____________________________

3._________________________________      4._____________________________

5._________________________________      6._____________________________


The Administration and/or Security will prohibit entrance to the premises if these requirements have not been satisfied.


In case of emergency contact the security gate personnel, Tel: 222-0552 Extension 3; the Administration of the Molino de Agua Residencias in the front building; or Michael Mayo at Tel: 222-6918.
Dial 060 or 066 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as the emergency phone number in order to contact the police (policía), ambulance, fire department (bomberos) or for whatever urgent emergency you might have or have witnessed; you should dial 080 from Mexican cellular phones. Both of these are like dialing 911 in the United States.

There are usually two phone systems in each condo unit. The local Land Line which is for local calls, simply dialing the 7 digit number; and the Vonage phone which allows you to dial as if within the United States or Canada.

Tipping for the maid staff is an expected custom throughout Puerto Vallarta and Mexico and the staff depend upon this kindness of additional income. Recommended tipping for any front gate or security staff should be dependent upon any special services, advice or assistance that they have provided during your visit. Tips should be given directly to the person who assisted you. If the maid is not there when you leave, it is customary and acceptable to place the tip in an envelope with their name and leave it in the condo.

as of November 2012


Additional Notice

Owner/Agent Responsibility - The owner is generally responsible for the following:
  a.) That the property is well maintained and that any repairs needed be done in a timely fashion.
  b.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner, their agents or employees shall be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property of persons occupying said property.
  c.) Neither Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo nor the Property Owner shall under any circumstances be held responsible for any disturbance or inconvenience to Guest and invitees while occupying the Property, or for the actions of its neighbors or the surrounding area.
  d.) All information provided by Discovery Vallarta/Michael J Mayo, while deemed true and reliable, is not guaranteed. Changes in inventory, items and decor may occur from time to time and such changes will not void the terms of this general rental agreement.
  e.) Right to Enter - Discovery Vallarta/Michael J. Mayo, the property owner or his/her representative, and the Residencias Molino de Agua management shall have the right to enter the Premises at any reasonable time during the term of this Agreement to inspect the Premises and to undertake and perform such duties and responsibilities that they shall have as lesser of the Premises under this Agreement.

Thank you again for your kindness and cooperation, and we all hope that you enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta and at the Molino de Agua condos!

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